There Is But One Cathedral

St. Joseph’s past is inseparable from the history of Baton Rouge. It remains integral to the city today. It is the center of the Catholic Community and at the same time, catholic in its ecumenicalism. It was, and remains, the place downtown for all to come in celebration or in grief. With its new red doors, the landmark shows its presence more dominantly. It is a structure that deserves to be noticed, appreciated, used and celebrated which is why we are all here today.

The Parish of St. Joseph was established in 1792. The present church was built in 1853, and raised to the rank of Cathedral in 1961. It was renovated in 1967, and consecrated as a Cathedral in 1970. The church and grounds continue to evolve because of the hope, faith and generosity of the people of Baton Rouge. Cathedral history continues to be made. Today is one of the events which will become part of that history.

May the countless prayers offered within the walls of the Cathedral bring a special blessing to all who are here today and may that blessing follow you through life.