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Maintenance Collection

Event Dates: November 4th-5th, 2017

On the first full weekend of every month, St. Joseph Cathedral Parish asks for an extra donation For the Maintenance and Repair of the Cathedral. Construction of our historic church building began in 1853, and its upkeep is a challenge to us all. Yet for people of faith, a sacred space such as ours is also a spiritual treasure, worth every penny we can devote to it!

This monthly collection will be taken up on November 4/5. An envelope marked for this was mailed to our registered parishioners and friends in their monthly packet. Alternatively, just make a notation on your check or on a plain envelope "Maintenance Fund," and drop this into the collection. It would really be great if you would set up your bank's "Bill Pay" feature to forward your Stewardship Offerings to us each month automatically!

Thank you so much for keeping our venerable and beautiful Cathedral building - and all of the other facilities on Cathedral Square! - in good repair and going strong!


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Maintenance Collection
November 4th, 2017
Saturday 12:00 AM