The Sacraments

Each of the seven sacraments is an outward sign of an inward grace.


Preparation for the Sacraments of the Most Holy Eucharist typically takes place during a child's second-grade year, for our Church law identifies "the age of reason" as being "about 7 years old." In St. Joseph Cathedral Parish parents are guided through how they may best provide this preparation for their children.

Pre-sacramental preparation for first communion includes prior preparation and opportunity for sacramental reconciliation (confession). More immediate preparation for first communion involves basic catechesis concerning the Mass and the eucharist itself, as well as how to receive it worthily. Typically, other foundational elements of the Catholic religion, such as basic prayers, are also taught by this time.

Children who are older than seven years of age typically take part either with family members or peers in an appropriate but individualized program of formation. Please contact the Parish Office to explore what is done in any unusual circumstance.


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