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Mother's Day

Published: May 14, 2017

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

            In the USA and many other countries, the celebration of Mother’s Day occurs this weekend. I really think that there is no human bond stronger than the maternal one. Marital commitments and other friendships and relationships are strong, but they are freely chosen. The link between mother and child is more than a choice: even before birth the mere fact of the baby’s conception and growth in the womb makes more than a physical connection: a deeply emotional and spiritual bond arises as well.

The appreciation and gratitude we have for our mothers is typically the strongest kind of thankfulness. If your mom is still alive, I’m sure that you will giver her due honor on this special day. Visit her if you can. Call her if you can’t. Pray for her of course, either way! Send flowers; surprise her with chocolate; take her out for brunch! Mow her lawn, weed her gardens, and wash her car. Maybe even bring her to church at the Cathedral! (Hint! Hint!)

For me and my siblings, this Mother’s Day will be hard, in a way. It is the first one since mama’s death last June. Many who are reading this column know already the unique sense of loss that a mother’s passing instills in the human heart. Still, I rather suspect we all are intending to observe Mother’s Day this year, even if it’s going to be one of prayer and memory instead of flowers, cards and phone calls. When we get together as family, we will share stories and remember those special moments that won’t be repeated this side of heaven!

Whether your mom is living or dead, be grateful for her. In fact, our appreciation extends beyond our mothers to include grandmothers, godmothers, and mothers-to-be. It’s providential that Mother’s Day always falls in the Easter season: we rejoice in the divine power that gives life (a fundamental Easter reality), and we similarly rejoice over she who provided us with life from the first moment of our conception (an essential maternal reality). If you’ve never thought of your mother as a reminder of God and an instrument in His hands, this weekend is the perfect time to discover this important spiritual fact!

I want to add one more word of appreciation, to Mrs. Anne Sporn, Mrs. Claire Hayes, Mr. John Waggenspack and Mr. Jim Waggenspack. Their parents were Dr. and Mrs. Clay and Augusta Waggenspack, dear parishioners of St. Joseph Parish until their recent passing from this life – he in January of 2015 and she just three months ago in February 2017. Clay and Augusta had been married for 63 years! The Waggenspack family has donated their parents’ parlor grand piano, built in England around 1870 by Broadwood & Sons. It’s a “unique antique” musical instrument! We’ve placed it in our music rehearsal room in the Parish Hall, where our choir under the direction of Mr. Robbie Giroir will be able to use it weekly.

So please join me in prayer for the repose of the souls of Clay and Augusta Waggenspack, and in gratitude to their children. Such generosity to the Cathedral is wonderful, does great honor to their parents’ memory, and helps ensure that the spiritual riches that benefitted their family in the past continue to be shared in the future. May the Lord richly bless them all.

                                    Sincerely in the Risen Lord,

                                    Fr. Paul

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