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The Cathedral Evening!

Date Published: 2017-04-29

At the end of this month, on Saturday, April 29, our Parish is again going to host An Evening at the Cathedral. This special vigil Mass with wine, dinner, and music following is a favorite event on our annual calendar! For a time called Bishop’s Day when Bishops Ott, Hughes and Muench could be with us, it’s still the major gathering of our Parish family. And the reason we gather is simple: to celebrate our identity as the Cathedral Parish.

We use the occasion of The Cathedral Evening each year to honor some of our own who have helped make us the warm and welcoming family of faith that we are. We name them as our prized “St. Joseph’s Apprentices,” and taken together with our past honorees they serve sort of as a “Cathedral Parish Hall of Fame” for us to admire and imitate.

This year’s new Apprentices are Ms. Charlotte Anthony, Mr. and Mrs. Tino & Tere Dalmau, Mr. Boyd Newman, and Mr. Charles Salemi. Each has generously gone “over and above the call of duty” in serving our Parish community. Charlotte is one of our most faithful ministers of Holy Communion, as is Tino; it seems that they and their families are always here, for everything! Boyd also is omni­present on weekends in serving as sacristan, acolyte and “jack-of-all-trades” despite com­muting from his home in Mississippi, and Charles tops off his ushering duties every Sunday by waking up extra early to transport our “sacred doughnuts” from the baker to our Hall.

A few years ago an annual Cathedral Community Award was established to honor Catholics who help make the entire community of Baton Rouge a better place to be. This year this award will go to the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady, whose health care and educational apostolates are an integral part of life here.

You can help honor all of these won­derful people on April 29. If you can come, make a reservation and buy a ticket for the meal (it will be a bargain at $60 per person). Juban’s is catering the food and Eric Baskin is providing music. It will be a pleasant time for everyone. If you can’t join us in person, you can make a special donation, both of money and of prayers for St. Joseph Parish and for the whole Cathedral community!

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