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Deacon Gary C. Mooney

Deacon Gary C. Mooney


Welcome, Deacon Gary!

Date Published: 2017-07-08

As of July 1, 2017, newly-ordained Mr. Gary C. Mooney has been assigned as Deacon Assistant here at St. Joseph Parish! On the weekend of July 8/9, he and his wife Suzanne will be introduced, and we'll begin getting to know them and sharing our faith and friendship.

Don't let Gary's military background and his training as a lawyer fool you: he's a caring man who wants nothing more than to bring the joyous and merciful message of the Gospel to everyone. As he begins to be familiar with the ministries here in the Cathedral Parish -- and to dream up new ones! -- please offer him your assistance in helping! How can he help? How can we all help him?

Deacon Gary wrote a brief introductory biography in the June 25, 2017, issue of The Carpenter, our Parish Bulletin

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