Ordinary Time

Always a Time of Grace

Ordinary Time

A Time to Learn from God and Follow Him!

Salvation history reached its zenith in the Christ-event: from Jesus' incarnation and birth to His passion, death and resurrection. While each year we prepare for and celebrate the highlights of His mission to the world -- Advent and Christmas, and Lent, Triduum and Easter -- there is so much more!

In the remaining 34 weeks of the year, we discover -- often by rediscovering! -- the vast depth of our Catholic Christian faith. We use the Scriptures in worship to hear again of creation and redemption, of patriarchs and poets, from prophets old and new, always noticing how God works among us and indeed leads us on a holy pilgrimage to Him! In lives of saints both famous (think St. Joseph and St. Paul) and obscure (have you ever heard of St. Marianne Cope or St. Kateri Tekakwitha?), we have examples of accomplished holiness that inspire us. Sunday and daily Masses offer us opportunities to worship. In devotions as diverse as the holy rosary and novenas, we "spend time with" the Lord and His blessed mother and so grow close to them. The quiet of our beautiful Cathedral building, with its stained glass and mosaics, its massive crucifix, its stone and flowers, offers a quiet oasis for prayer and reflection in the midst of the hustle and bustle of downtown. 

We simply "count off" these weeks -- thus the name "Ordinal" or "Ordinary" Time -- and let the green colors of steadfast Christian hope reflect our determination always to grow in Christ! Join us, please, at St. Joseph Cathedral in this noble yet simple endeavor, praising and thanking God who has gifted us with so much!